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The Intro to Photography training DVD set is the perfect way bring the education home if you can’t come to the class in person. The entire content of the seminar has been recorded in a studio setting, giving you the ability to learn from a highly-polished production at your own pace at home.

While you will miss the interaction of the classroom environment, everyone who purchases the DVD will receive all of the same gifts and credits that attendees receive. Your Intro To Photography Training DVD is available for immediate download.

Only $149.00

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How To Photoshop Everyone

How to Photoshop Everyone breaks the traditional mold of uninspiring Photoshop training and instead makes learning fun, enjoyable, and easy. Presented like a comedy feature film, this educational experience features Kevin Kubota as multiple characters who teach you how to master Photoshop®.

This educational movie consists of one 2½ hour DVD with scenes on workflow, layers, fixing problems, adding the art, actions, and final output. A second 3-hour DVD reviews the training from the movie in a more traditional way, and expands the education with additional in-depth techniques. By the time you're finished, you'll have the tools necessary to retouch any portrait with your own artistic flair.

How To Photograph Everyone

Clay Blackmore shares techniques with you that were handed down from a legacy of Master Photographers including his mentor, Monte Zucker. Learn how to take the classics approach and methodically create portraits in three easy steps to ensure that you will take great photographs consistently every time. Add in the trade secrets shared by Sandy and Hanson and you've got decades of portrait and wedding photography education compressed into 6 1/2 information-packed hours. So sit up and take notes: with discipline and hard work yo will experience immediate progress in your photography that will reinforce the principle that 'technique is more valuable than talent'.

PhotoFusion Revolution

Award-winning Canon Explorer of Light photographer Clay Blackmore leads you out of the past and onto the cutting-edge with this dynamic educational program. Blackmore uses his passion and extensive training in the classical principles of posing, lighting, and composition to explain in detail How to Photograph Everyone: men, women, children, families, brides, couples, and groups, and shows today's photographers how to incorporate HDSLR video techniques and products into their portfolio. Learn how to combine dynamic, living, multimedia creations with your photography, offering a cinematic approach to everything you do. Visit the original tour website at for a complete overview, and watch the tour DVD tailer below to get a sneak peak at this fantastic educational resource.

Creative Design Training DVD

Two discs with over 5 hours of education, plus bonus material. This is an integrated DVD experience, with the same class files shown in the video provided to you. Follow along and work on the same files that the DVD shows!

The Creative Design training DVD is the perfect way to learn how to add the art to your portrait images. The entire content of the class has been recorded in a studio setting, giving you the ability to learn from a highly-polished production that includes over one hour of bonus material. Everyone who purchases the DVD will receive the class workbook for free.

Get In Motion Tour

Now you, too can learn what 4000 photographers and aspiring filmmakers did during this dynamic and educational presentation. For those unable to attend the event, The Get In Motion Tour DVD set is availalbe now. This 5-hour, 2-disc set contains the entire Get In Motion Tour presentation, plus an hour of in-depth bonus content not presented at the show.

Get In Motion - Cinema Style
Editing For Photographers

Beginners, intermediate, and expert level editors will learn powerful editing techniques during this 5-hour, 2-disc set. Not only will you acquire every editing skill necessary to make any type of film, but you will also watch the process of creating a story on the timeline from scratch.

Filmaking for Photographers

Beginners, Intermediate, and Expert level filmmakers will learn powerful filmmaking techniques during this ground breaking educational DVD. Not only will you acquire every filmmaking skill necessary to make any type of film, but you will also watch the process of creating a storyboard and bringing it to completion live and behind the scenes as CineStories shoots Kevin Kubota's Latest DVD.